Air Quality Monitoring

3 Benefits Of Having A Handheld Air Quality Monitoring Unit On Site

With construction sites notoriously busy places, it can be easy to get sucked into the daily routine and forget the danger of hidden – but very real – pollutants in the surrounding air.
Air quality monitoring isn’t just crucial for worker wellbeing and the safety of those in the local area. It is also a major part of a construction company or site’s own environmental responsibility, which underpins the portrayal of a development business or corporate organisation as sustainable and eco-minded.
To cut a long story short, construction sites up and down the country are increasingly committed to monitoring and mitigating pollutants in the air, using air quality monitoring devices. And in this blog, we’re sharing the benefits of a very specific tool: the handheld air quality monitoring remote device.
Here are three reasons to invest in a handheld unit for your site.

1. Quick and easy access to important information relating to air quality

The portable nature of a handheld device means that it can be integrated with ease into any site – covering large areas or smaller spaces.
It also means, by default, that handheld devices are smaller and thus much simpler to use across both indoor and outdoor locations. Site managers and health and safety officers can carry these portable units as part of a larger kit, conducting air quality assessments regularly and with ease across pollutant hotspots and supposedly “fresh air” locations.

2. Accessible readings that measure as many gases as you need

The design of the handheld air quality monitoring unit combines a reader with interchangeable sensor heads. With up to 30 different sensors available, site managers and users can detect and monitor up to 30 different gases using the same unit, by simply switching the sensor head. This takes seconds and transfers the subsequent data into an accessible format for comparison and monitoring, via an easy-to-use USB portal.

3. Location ID to connect readings with specific areas of the site

Finally, the handheld unit may be small, but its sensors are powerful. The readings that are taken can be easily connected to a certain location within or across the site, using location ID to tag measurements and ensure that the correct information can be unlocked at the right time and in relation to the right spot.

Finding the right handheld unit for you

With handheld units designed with long-life batteries and a lightweight structure, buyers can rest assured that investing in a quality device will support their health and safety, and their environmental goals, for months and even years of site work.
If you’re searching for an air quality monitoring tool to suit your site and specific needs, reach out to your local supplier who will be able to advise on the right tools and how to maximise their use across your site.

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