What Would Be Amusing In HTC One M10?

Everyone is wondering what would be an amusing thing in HTC One M10. Well, everybody is aware of the fact that every model of the HTC is unique, outstanding, and marvelous; so as the release of the new handset is due everyone’s eyes are on it.  Here, starts the search on the net about its likely features. We know that you are not behind in this crazy race and are equally curious. No doubt, you can get unlimited stuff on the internet about the specs and rumors revolving around it; but nothing is certain.

Through our article, we have tried to reveal some of its amazing likely features. According to internet rumors, its release is due in March 2016, which means that you may not have to wait too long to get it. You might be wondering about the likely price of the HTC One M10, but the prices are never disclosed till the product is introduced in the market. But don’t worry; to help you out we have studied the previous prices; HTC One M8 at 550 pounds, HTC One M9 at 575 pounds; so the likely price of this model seems to be around 610. Not much hike is expected it would be a HTC flagship model.

The speculation is that a new name might be suggested for it, possibly HTC Two. The new naming system is likely because HTC doesn’t want the comparison of this fantastic handset with the HTC One M9 which could not attain the desired success. The chairwoman of HTC, Cher Wang felt sorry for the bad show by HTC One M9. She also committed to introducing a distinguishing handset in 2016, which would beat all the rivals, HTC One M10. It is in the air that a defective Snapdragon was held responsible for the disappointment of HTC One M9. So, we can expect to see the amazing and fast processor, Snapdragon 820 in HTC One M10.

It might have an aluminum, waterproof unibody; which would render it a dazzling appearance. It would possibly ensure long-lasting battery life with a battery of 3500mAh. A dual camera is expected in HTC One M10; (27Mp main camera with a 5Mp front camera). The users would get an opportunity to choose the storage from the options of 64 GB or 128 GB. It would also have 4 GB Ram in addition to it. You might be aware of the fact that issues of microSd were resolved in HTC One M9; as it was moved backward, it might also have onboard storage. It might have 4K resolution with a screen of 5in; but the latest report from China is indicating a 6in screen, 2560×1440 display along with QHD resolution, which would give it a competitive edge over the rivals.

 We hope by reading this article you are in a position to guess the possible specification and features of the HTC One M10. We would be bringing more information in this context for you, keep visiting.

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