5 Interior Design Features You Want To Have

Do you own a home and are not contented with it? Though you cannot make a physical difference in its dimensions, there are interior design features you can take advantage of. At the end of the day, you may achieve the property of your dreams.

Here are the 5 interior design features that apply to different types of home:

Paints with Lighter Shade

Unsatisfied with dark paints? Then, choose a lighter palette of colors. Any pastel shade provides proper lighting in your house, giving your space a brighter and cool ambiance. Cream and white shades work well on ceilings and walls. You can also do an experiment to achieve effective uniqueness.

As a homeowner, you may utilise textured paints on the walls. It’s good, but don’t forget to have a neutral approach. For instance, if your wall has a light blue shade, use a tone or darker texture. Never use contrasting colours as this visually shrinks over a long time.

Light Shades in Flooring

Like the walls, the same principle of shades applies to your flooring. Vitrified tiles or marble make a huge difference to how your property aesthetically looks. Not only they draw attention, but they also give your space a bigger feel.

Lighting for Good Ambiance

For natural lighting, choose wall mounted lamps as much as possible. Whether your property is not finished yet or is in the architectural phase, it would be best to install taller windows. Unlike wider windows, taller ones are much better. You can also think about skylights as these give your home an expansive and stylish look.

On windows, never utilise heavy curtains. Lacy or sheer ones are the perfect options. While letting in enough light, these provide optimal privacy. Use spot lights for the nights. Aside from the ambient lighting, it boosts the curb appeal of your space.

Accessories Provide a Difference

A lot of people overlook the importance of using accessories. While these look not important at all, they provide a big impact on your home. With the variety of accessories, mirrors are ideal for a small property. But proper placing is imperative. Put the mirrors opposite a window to reflect the outdoors. This is an excellent way of making your space bigger than you imagine.

If you live in an apartment, it’s good to create a planter garden to get an appealing effect. Plus, don’t cover your floor with carpets. Use other alternatives instead for a better result.

Small Furniture for A Small Space and Fitted Wardrobes

Do you love furniture? Do you purchase lots of them, making your space messy and disorganised? Then, bear in mind that minimal furnishing is enough. Invest in nesting tables, multi-purpose furniture and fitted furniture such as fitted wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, fitted kitchens or a fitted bedroom,

When designing the fitted furniture together with the fitted furniture supplier, make sure your options have the same shade with your walls. If you have an armoire with a darker shade that you want to put up against your wall, repaint it to blend with other stuff at home.

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