Things About Pregnancy A Lot Of Women Should Know, But Don’t.

Pregnancy in itself is a beautiful journey of a woman finally becoming a mother. It is one of the many wonders that the human body especially the women’s bodies is capable of. It is indeed stressful mentally but also unbelievably gratifying for both the mother and the father. Pregnancy is sure to give you a lot of sleepless nights, uncomfortable days, and a lot more. But when the moment arrives that a mother can cradle her healthy newborn for the first time, all the nine months of stress, problems, and discomfort seem to be worthwhile.

However, not all are postpartum rainbows and ponies for the pregnant mother, as having a baby brings with itself a lot of side effects that may or may not be short-term. While most women have vague ideas about morning sickness, popping out belly buttons, and even postpartum depression, not all of them are adequately empowered with the correct amount of information which would eventually make their pregnancy a whole lot easier. It is always advised that both the would-be parents should consult a qualified person to help them with the nuances of bringing another life into existence. So listed below are a few of the most common side effects a pregnant lady has during well-known pregnancy.

  • Morning sickness: This has to be the most common and well known side effect of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes most women to suffer from nausea and vomiting, that too from the very first trimester of pregnancy. These symptoms seem to become worse during the mornings, hence the name. However, morning sickness is in no way limited to any particular time of the day. Morning sickness hampers the daily routines of women and also causes weakness and fatigue.
  • Popping out of the belly button: A frequent query of all pregnant women is whether and when their belly button would pop out. Most pregnant women about to pop would do so within or during their 26th week of pregnancy. This happens due to the abrupt stretching of the uterus of the pregnant woman which causes the skin to stretch suddenly popping out the belly button. However, this too is a temporary phenomenon as most belly buttons come back to their normal shape or near-normal shape after delivery.
  • Bleeding gums: While this is a relatively less talked about side effect of having a baby, but it is common. The gums of the pregnant lady become tender and swollen and hence start bleeding while brushing.
  • Constipation: Another very widely noticed side effect in pregnant women is constipated bowel movement. The higher levels of progesterone make it tougher for the food to move around the digestive tract of the pregnant lady making her constipated. This problem is compounded due to the enlargement of the uterus which makes the physical movement of bowels difficult.

Despite all these and other side effects of being pregnant, having a baby is a life-changing experience for the mother and the father.

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